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IMP) Explain the reverberation time. (IMP) \54\ Applied Pbysics-II 5. Write a short note on accousting of building. 6. Write down the factor affecting to design a good accousting of building. (V IMP) 7. What is echo? Explain. (IMP) 8. What do you sound. 9. Explain the Phenomena magnetostriction effect. 10. Explain the Phenomenon Piezoelectric effect. 11. Explain the Engineering application of Ultrasonic. 12. 13. Explain the Property of Ultrasonics. Explain the Phenomenon drilling and cold welding.

Ii) The spring of a Sonometer or a Sitar when plucked and released, execute free vibration. " Considered an oscillator A is executing free vibration of natural frequency vo' Lets suppose that an oscillator A is driven by another oscillator B. Then the oscillator B is called driver oscillator and A called driven oscillator whose natural frequency is v. As the time passes the oscillator A is found to be lose its vibration B has its own frequency on the oscillatorA. The oscillator is called forced vibration.

What do you mean by SONAR? Explain. m~an by Ultrasonic, Infrasonic, Supersonic and Audiable range of (IMP) (IMP) LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS :1. What do you mean by Musical Sound and Noise? Explain the charactersitcs of Musical Sound. 2. What is reverberation, reverberation time? How it can be controlled? (V IMP) 3. What do you mean by accousting of Building. On which factors it can be depends. (V IMP) 4. Sound in an empty halls seems to be louder than when it is full of audience. Explain. Why? 5.

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