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It will be quite misplaced in an straightforward Gram mar to go into right into a lengthy dialogue concerning the age and starting place of the Pali language. a number of phrases at the topic could be enough: Kuhn, following Westergaard, holds Pfili to be the vernacular of Ujjein, the capital of Mz'ilava on the time while Mahinda, the son of Asoka, took the sacred Canon with him to Ceylon (beitrage, p. however, Oldenberg, rejecting that culture, considers Pali to be the unique language of the Kalinga kingdom (vinaya pitaka, advent, p. Liv). He compares the language of the massive inscription at Khandagiri (cunningham, Corpus Inscriptionum, i. And reveals in basic terms little or no distinction among this and the pah. From this he con cludes that there should have been, a couple of hundred and fifty years ahead of Mahinda, a widespread sex among Kalinga and the island; in reality, that the faith, including its language, used to be introduced over from there to Ceylon.

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In Za/>a=lava, 'quail,' Jat. 'wife;' pettdpiya of an animal 293, Suttavibh. i. plant;' kabala=]i&\a\a, 'mouthful;' kabalikd=kava\}\ia, 'compress,' Fis hardened Jat. opildpeti, 'to sink,' 59; pajdpati ii. 'cousin,' cMpa=qav&, M. iv. 1, 3, Trenckner, 'the vi. young 26, 6, ac- cording to Trenckner, Pali Misc. 63, from plu (Childers, add. ' from pid); avdpurati, 'to open apdpunanti amatassa, dvdram, It. 84, v. ia=av adana, 'legend;' and also sapaddnam, 'reguderives it T larly,' it from sapadi + ayana, = sa+avadana, according to (Trenckner, Mil.

Is Grammar, pp. 17, 18. samsridbhis, from samsrij, As in Sinhalese throughout, limited number of instances where v. 4, 5. 3. find in Pali already a passes into d, and c to seldom into s, t : digucchati and jiffucchati=]\igupssLt\, 'to despise;' tudampati compared with jayampati and jampafi, Dath. iv. 25, see Childers s. v. ; digaccM and jiyhacchd=j\gh3itsa, hunger,' Pischel Beitr. iii. ' So for c or ' ; ch in zmzYa=ucchrita, 'lofty,' Dip. 19, Suttavibh. Ab. 708), and Sudani Alwis. mean mology 79 (ucchita, ' ; Dh.

From the derivation, Buddhists we Samskrit of the northern might compare icchat' existence,' Mahavastu, 417. PALI GJBAMMAK. 40 Consonants Added or Dropped. 10. A or consonant uka a word in uka, dropped in the beginning of is = yuka, ' Prak. uka, Pischel Beitr. louse,' iii. 241. A consonant added at the beginning of some verbal forms as commencing with a u, which originates from Samprasarana, is = in vuccati and ucyate, vutta vusita from vasati, ' = upta, to dwell ' sown,' Mil. 375 ' ; vuttha ( vusimat, ; accomplished,' not only used after vowels but also after anusvara, and sometimes even at the This euphonic v N.

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