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By Seth Joel Corey, Marek Kimmel, Joshua N. Leonard

The blood method is multi-scale, from the organism to the organs to cells to intracellular signaling pathways to macromolecule interactions. Blood comprises circulating cells, mobile fragments (platelets and microparticles), and plasma macromolecules. Blood cells and their fragments end result from a highly-ordered method, hematopoiesis. Definitive hematopoiesis happens within the bone marrow, the place pluripotential stem cells supply upward thrust to a number of lineages of hugely really good cells. Highly-productive and consistently regenerative, hematopoiesis calls for a microenvironment of mesenchymal cells and blood vessels.

A platforms Biology method of Blood is split into 3 major sections: easy parts, physiological tactics, and scientific purposes. utilizing blood as a window, you'll be able to research healthiness and sickness via this distinctive device field with reactive organic fluids that mirrors the present hemodynamics of the vessel partitions and a number of the blood telephone varieties. Many blood ailments, infrequent and customary can and feature been exploited utilizing platforms biology methods with profitable effects and consequently perfect types for structures drugs. extra importantly, hematopoiesis bargains the best studied platforms with perception into stem phone biology, mobile interplay, improvement; linage programing and reprograming which are on a daily basis encouraged via the main mature and understood regulatory networks.

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In our opinion, any promising approach towards a systemic understanding of stem cell organization (and that is what systems biology is all about) should consist of: (i) experimental systems that allow for controlled quantification of the effect of individual regulatory components including the possibility for targeted system perturbations (may be in an in vitro setting), (ii) a theoretical framework that allows for interpretation and for quantitative comparison of theoretical (model) predictions with experimental data, and last but not least, (iii) an experimental system that allows to validate the obtained result for the in vivo situation.

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