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7. 6 Kinetics of oxidation-reduction reactions Data for a few oxidation-reduction reactions that have been studied in detail can now be summarized and this supplements information presented by Hindman [268], Newton and Baker [269], and Gourisse [270]. An important recent reference to this subject is the critical review by Newton [267]. ) Fig. 2 Disproportionation of Am(v) in 6 M HCI0 4 [266]. 7 Net activation processes and thermodynamic quantities for the disproportionation of Am( V)8. 3 -209±5 Adapted from Newton [267].

75 CD U C 0 ... 25 OL-__~~__~~~~____~ 400 600 800 1000 1200 Wavelength (nm) Fig. OO194M Am+50% Am(vIl) and 50% Am(vJ) [228]. 5 M NaO H as measured by Krot et al. [228] are shown in Fig. 8. See also Nikolaevskii et al. for charge-transfer spectra of heptavalent Np, Pu, and Am [355]. 8 Raman (vibrational) spectra The results of Raman scattering experiments on Am(v) and Am(vI) ions in perchloric acid solutions have been reported [364]. The values for the polarized symmetric stretching frequencies (VI) of the oxycations were found to be 730 cm -1 for Am(v) and 796 cm -1 for Am(vI) [364].

Dihalides of americium cannot be prepared by hydrogen reduction of trihalides, although hydrogen reduction is successful for the lanthanides Sm, Eu (the 4f analog of americium), and Vb. Instead, americium metal must be reacted with a halide such as HgI2 [329] or HgCl 2 [100]. It is likely that the reaction Am(s) + 2AmX 3(s) -+ 3AmX 2(s) would also succeed, in analogy with the least stable lanthanide dihalides. It may also be found that ternary americium(n) halides can be prepared with americium metal or lithium metal as reductant [330].

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