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By Tim Albert

The aim of this publication is to aid medical professionals and different health and wellbeing pros with their writing difficulties. It comprises numerous hundred subject matters, from the method of writing to authorship, and from using semi-colons to the legislations of past due literals. those are prepared alphabetically, with broad move referencing and, the place applicable, lists of books that the writer has learn and recommends. The publication will offer concise, sensible information regarding tips to take on any kind of writing required of healthiness care pros.

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Unfortunately, many people are vague about what they consider to be good writing, and define it in subjective terms: ‘I know it when I see it. It sort of flows. And it’s elegant’ (see style). I favour a more practical definition: effective writing achieves the purpose we set it. Effective writing does not set out to be obscure and misunderstood (see political writing), nor is it written to satisfy some urge within the writer (see great writers). It is not an art form but a tool, and the way to measure it is to set out in advance what you want to do.

But obsession with detail can obscure, or drive out, sensible messages. Good writing is not just a succession of facts put down in a plausible order (see leaf shuffling), but an interesting or important message, supported by evidence (see truth). Christian names This term is inappropriate in today’s multicultural societies. Use ‘first names’. Citation index See impact factor. Clichés The word comes from the French term for a printing block, and means a phrase that is reproduced so often that it is at best unoriginal, at worst tiresome.

This can cause difficulties for the reader (see grammar booklist). Commissioning The success of most publications leans heavily on the quality of its contributors, so the ability to persuade good writers to contribute is an important skill (see books, editing of). ). Hardest of all is getting that person motivated. Commissioning editors usually make the first contact by phone. If you are commissioning, have a clear idea of what you want: it is not helpful to give a long list of points that you wish the writer to include; instead describe what you want the article to achieve.

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