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Glycoscience and Microbial Adhesion

Mumtaz Virji: fine details of Microbial Adhesion. - Martina Lahmann: Architectures of Multivalent Glycomimetics for Probing Carbohydrate-Lectin Interactions. - Stefan D. Knight and Julie Bouckaert: constitution, functionality, and meeting of style 1 Fimbriae. - Knut Ohlsen, Tobias A. Oelschlaeger, Jörg Hacker, A.

Crystallizing Ideas – The Role of Chemistry

Twenty-three conscientiously chosen, peer-reviewed contributions from the foreign convention on natural and utilized Chemistry (ICPAC 2014) are featured during this edited publication of complaints. ICPAC 2014, a biennial assembly, was once held in Mauritius in June 2014. The topic of the convention used to be “Crystallizing rules: The function of Chemistry” and it matched the announcement of the 12 months 2014 because the overseas 12 months of Crystallography.

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