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Cellulosea, wt% 5 5 5 a Acida, wt% 55 55 60 55 65 Time, min 20 20 30 20 Overnight T, ˚C 60 60 65 60 Room T Whiskers dimension 100 nm -several µm × 10-20 nm 500 nm - 1-2 µm × 10 nm 500 nm - 1-2 µm × 15 nm 1 - several µm × 10 -20 nm 1-2 µm × 8-15 nm Based on water content. Table 9. , 2007). Cellulose Nano Whiskers as a Reinforcing Filler in Polyurethanes 25 Enzymatic-mediated production of cellulose nano whiskers was studied by Filson et al. (2009). The highest yield of whiskers was obtained by treatment with 84 EGU of endoglucannase per 200 mg recycled pulp at 50 ˚C for 60 min assisted by microwave or conventional heating.

Journal of applied polymer science, 108, 3, 1810-1817 Vajay, V. K. (2009). Biogas enrichment and bottling technology for vehicular use developed at ITT Delhi. ; Griesser, H. ; Laroche, G. & Guidoin R. (2001). ; Beck-Candanedo, S. & Gray, D. G. (2007). Dispersion of cellulose nanocrystals in polar organic solvents. ; & Cheng R. (2007). Thermal degradation behaviors of spherical cellulose nanocrystals with sulfate groups. Polymer, 48, 12, 3486-3493 Wang, Y. ; Tian, H. F. & Zhang, L. N. (2010). Role of starch nanocrystals and cellulose whiskers in synergistic reinforcement of waterborne polyurethane.

2002). Nanocomposites of chitin whiskers from Riftia tubes and poly(caprolactone). Macromolecules, 35, 6, 2190-2199 Mosiewicki, M. ; Marcovich, N. E. & Aranguren, M. I. (2009). Polyurethanes From Tung Oil: Polymer Characterization and Composites. ; Mathew, A. ; Bondeson, D. & Kvien, I. (2006). Manufacturing process of cellulose whiskers/polylactic acid nanocomposites. Composites Science and Technology, 66, 15, 2776-2784 Pandey, J. ; Lee, J. ; Chu, W. ; Kim, C. S. & Ahn, S. H. (2008). Cellulose nano whiskers from grass of Korea.

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