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By V.N. Bogaevski, A. Povzner

Many books have already been written concerning the perturbation thought of differential equations with a small parameter. accordingly, we want to offer a few explanation why the reader may still hassle with nonetheless one other booklet in this subject. conversing for the current merely approximately usual differential equations and their purposes, we observe that tools of options are so a number of and various that this a part of utilized arithmetic looks as an combination of poorly attached equipment. the vast majority of those tools require a few past guessing of a constitution of the specified asymptotics. The Poincare approach to basic types and the Bogolyubov-Krylov­ Mitropolsky averaging tools, popular within the literature, might be pointed out particularly in reference to what is going to stick with. those tools don't imagine a right away look for ideas in a few particular shape, yet utilize adjustments of variables with reference to the identification transformation which carry the preliminary approach to a definite common shape. Applicability of those tools is specific by means of certain different types of the preliminary systems.

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E-k; P~~l C PN - 1 the subspace spanned by the fixed chain ero ... ;~)l C TN-1 be 32 2. Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations with a Small Parameter the subspace of operators operator y(ee) which map pJe) into P;;~l' Assign to the where asp = const, the bilinear form w(ee) = I) -1) asp es€p, S s,p where e s and €p are considered formally as independent variables. This is a one-to-one correspondence. Then to the operator vy(ee)e s = ~)as,p+1 - as-l,p)€p, p where a-k-l,p == as,r+1 == 0, corresponds the form Xow(ee) = ~)-1)S(as,p+1-aS-l,p)e-S€p.

P. 1), expand everything with respect to powers of c and compare the expressions obtained. 5) where b1 = al(xo) is known if Xo is known, b2 is expressed in terms of Xo and XI, etc. Since, by assumption, c. 6) Let us denote by ¢s such p vectors s = 1, ... ,p, that A*¢s = 0, where A * is the transpose of A, and assume for the sake of definiteness that (¢c,,'I/J[3) = ba [3. 6) is known and orthogonal to all ¢s for s = 1, ... ,p. 8) rs'I/Js, where 1h is uniquely defined by the condition (fh, ¢s) = 0 for s = 1, ...

Then Xo, which now depends on n + 1 variables, has n invariants of the form 9 =

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