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By Dr. Shinichiro Nakamura (auth.)

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36a) v .. J p. x .. x. = l. J J J Cl lnQ . dInG. dIng.. -::-:-_=-J_. mJ l. J CllnPmj CllnpPij CllnP i dInQ . dIng.. J CllnPej CllnpPij CllnPi i ENe, j E I, dInQ . ClInG. ClIng .. J sJ. 36b) v .. J -,:;--:;-_']_0 dInG. 0 CllnQ. 36d) v .. 36d) gives value shares of capital services and labor services. 36) we obtain the following expressions of B .. 37a) Bij CllnQ. Cl 2lnG. Cllng k . m]. ]_o Cl 2lnQJ' dlnG. dIng k . ·x. 38e) v lj = Psj °Xsj pjOX j PkjOXkj pjOX j PljOX lj p. ox. J J CllnQ. = Clln J P sj , CllnQ.

2 ) Our treatment of technical change in the model is highly general and permits the model to exhibit various patterns of technical change. In particular the model allows input mix changes to occur independently of relative price changes over time. This is the effect of biased technical change: it amounts to permitting the isoquants to be displaced in the input space. 1) For details of embodied and disembodied technical change, see Hahn and Matthews [1964], Burmeister and Bobell . [1970], and Kennedy and Thirlwall [1972].

L x sJ. GsJ. (PP sJ. ,t)·x sJ. TXX sJ. ] ' sJ j E 1. 23) p. J from ( 2 . 2. 15) , from ( 2 . 2 . 1 7), ( 2 • 2. 19), and (2. 2 . 21 ), j E I. , that is, from F. we can derive Q. ,t) J J J = J r . T Z. -1 'm~nLV, J Z. x j VjTZ j ], ] j E I. 1. 4. 4 price aggregator functions are indicated below the lines connecting aggregates and variables to be aggregated. 8] has shown that homothetic weak separability of fj with respect to Nand N is necessary and sufficient for the price aggregates, PP1j,···,PPnj' Pmj' Pej' Psj' and the quantity aggregates, xx 1 ]" ••• ,xxn]" xmj ' x ej ' x sj ' derived above to satisfy the condition of additive price aggregation (APA).

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