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By Ilias Arnaoutoglou

During this entire and obtainable sourcebook, Ilias Arnaoutoglou offers a set of historical Greek legislation, that are located of their felony and historic contexts and are elucidated with suitable choices from Greek literature and epigraphical stories. a large sector of legislative job in significant and minor Greek city-states, starting from Delphoi and Athens in mainland Greece, to Gortyn in Crete, Olbia in South Russia and Aegean towns together with Ephesos, Samos and Thasos, is roofed. Ilias Arnaoutoglou divides laws into 3 major areas:
* the family - marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, sexual offences and private status
* the market-place - exchange, finance, sale, coinage and leases
* the nation - structure, legislative method, public tasks, colonies, development actions, naval forces, penal rules, faith, politics and inter-state affairs.
Dr Arnaoutoglou explores the importance of laws in historic Greece, the variations and similarities among old Greek laws and legislators and their glossy opposite numbers and in addition offers clean translations of the felony files themselves

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Laws 923e-924a and Plu. Mor. 265e; opposition of oligarchies to making of wills, Aristot. Pal. 2; collection of testaments from other regions, RlJG ii 23 and Lykaonia (Asia Minor): SEG xlii 1256 (Imperial era); for the nature of the alleged testament of Xouthias from Tegea see the commentary in IPArk 1 (c. L. v 1 l-16 (Aristotle); x 16 (Epikouros); Sparta: introduction of testaments, Plu. Agls 5; Epiz. Lokroi (S. Italy): testaments on tablets, Nomima II 55-8 (5th century BC). Further reading The meaning of the provision as establishing the freedom to dispose of property, E.

94); mention of an inheritance law, Gorgippia (S. Russia): SEG xli 614 (AD 16). Further reading The whole dispute over Hagnias’ estate is discussed by W. Thompson (1976) De Hagniae here&ate. C. Miles (1950) ‘The Attic law of intestate succession’, Hermathena 75, 69-77 and Karabelias (1982), with a discussion of the terms anchisteia, syggeneia and ‘children of cousins’; summary discussion, Harrison (1968: 130-48); succession by ascendants in Lokris, A. ‘, Symposion 198>, 7-l 3; Gortyn: detailed examination of the order to inherit, E.

Krgnzlein (1979) ‘Bemerkungen zu den griechischen Freilassungsinschriften’, Symposion 1979, 239-47; evidence about frequency of manumissions, social status of manumittors in Delphes, D. Mulliez (1992) ‘Les actes d’affranchissement delphiques’, Cahier Glotz 3, 3 l-44; Athens: Harrison (1968: 181-6); 11 A locality near Gortyn, possibly associated Nomima I, 15 (end 6th century BC). 27 with a temple of Leto. See as well: OlKOS A. Bielman (1994) Retow h la Me& L&ration et sawetage des prisonniers en G&e ancienne: recueil dinscriptions honwant des sauveteurs et analyse critique, Lausanne (8tudes fipigraphiques 1); survey, Y.

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