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"This is a consultant to the archaeology of the British Isles, from the Ice Age to the medieval interval. starting with an advent to the equipment and methods of contemporary archaeology, the writer strikes directly to hide the archaeology of the British Isles, facing such questions as: while the British Isles have been first inhabited; how the good Neolithic monuments have been deliberate and outfitted; and the impression of the Roman Conquest. The advisor is done via a close gazetteer of 468 websites that may be visited."

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Unfortunately, as none of the facial bones survived we cannot reconstruct what it looked like, although from the general appearance it seems that ‘Swanscombe Man’ was actually a woman in her early twenties. A similar, but more complete, skull that was discovered in deposits of a comparable age at Steinheim, near Stuttgart (Germany), had prominent brow ridges and a receding forehead. Taken together all the evidence seems to imply that the remains belonged to an early, slightly primitive, representative of Homo sapiens, our own species.

One consequence of this lifestyle is that such people tend to build small, rather flimsy, temporary huts at their campsite rather than invest labour in constructing large, permanent homes that would only be occupied for part of the year. The need to be able to carry all your goods also means that personal possessions tend to be kept to a minimum. The basic building block of these societies is the band, a small group of between 25 and 50 people. This number seems to have evolved to minimize both social tensions within the group and its impact on the environment.

Others point out that the expertise demonstrated by the miners would seem to imply that they were specialists, not casual labourers. 28 (Above) Mining Neolithic-style, galleries excavated for flint extraction at the bottom of a shaft at Grimes Graves (Norfolk; 203). ) Good quality flint is largely absent from the north and west of the British Isles. In these regions polished stone axes were made instead, from fine-grained igneous rocks that could also be polished to take a sharp cutting edge. Geologists have been able to pin-point many of the centres of axe production by using a microscope to examine under polarized light thin slices cut from axes.

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