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By William M.A. Grimaldi

Aristotle, Rhetoric I: A statement starts the acclaimed paintings undertaken by way of the writer, later accomplished within the moment (1988) quantity on Aristotle's Rhetoric. the 1st observation at the Rhetoric in additional than a century, it isn't more likely to be outmoded for a minimum of one other hundred years.

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Oiav T. , the quality of the emotion, its particular character. , its sources and the manner in which it arises. A. will discuss the emotions in Book II; at B r, 78a 20-27 he explains his meaning here in more detail. a 24: 1 2 ..... ~ We might note first by way of confirmation of 560 that from the text here we em say that rhetoric is a naeatpv'~ of dialectic only because of TO;; avAAol'iaaaBa< dvvapivov. And dialectic, as we know, is a process of investigation to arrive at reasonable explanations.

Entechnic proofs must be developed by the speaker with the aid of the art. This is the area of inventio so important in Latin rhetorical theory; see Cope, p. 28. wv 6E ... "(G'

See Cope, pp. 28-29, for the relevant citations). Cf. Appendix. See B 12-17. As Socrate, says in Gorg. 5I3C: "Everyone rea 2. " a3: 1 2 iv TcjI . . "'; See B I-II. "aNv,.. ,. The meaning of lO)'o, here and at 56a 19 wh::re the third again appears must be determined. From the structure of the whole section, one might be justified in arguing that M)'o, here means the same as it does at 56a I: discourse, language. d TO. , discourse or language which expresses the logical coherence of the subject.

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