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It is frequently aggravated by purposeless movements. Often it commences insidiously early in life, gradually increasing in severity, or it may appear suddenly associated with an injury. Leg pain is caused by pressure on the nerve roots of the spinal canal and is less common than backache. Various authors have pointed out that the pain results from nerve root compression from degenerative and proliferative changes in the pseudo-arthrosis and rarely from associated disc herniation. At the level of the stair-like deformity between the vertebrae, the double-layer displacement makes a double bend and is often densely adherent, but in most instances the cauda equina is not actually compressed.

Results: Patients have no further complaints. Additional Parts – Silicon covers (extended head) – Marking clips (marking silk end subcutaneous ligament) A silicon tube covers the extended head of the screw, helping to prevent nerve root and dura matter adhesion. The extended screw head is connected with a black silk thread, which is easily visible in the context of an operation (fig. 58a). The end of the silk thread is fixed subcutaneously with the fascia and marked with a silver clip (fig. 58b) and it is easy to find.

50) fusion is contraindicated for a distorted vertebra. • Clinically, with an EMG finding of ‘neurotmesis’, there is no hope for a surgical result. L5 m 25 m m 25 m ML Fig. 47. Bone plugs zone needs 25 mm length for stability. 14 mm Fig. 48. 14 mm high intervertebral space represents the maximal upper limit for the insertion of 18-mm bone plugs. 38 2 a b Fig. 49. a, b L2 vertebra body deformation with contraindication for bone plugs fusion. Fig. 50. MRI shows osteoporotic inflammatory deformation.

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