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By Carole Hough, John Corbett

It is a uncomplicated creation to outdated English for college kids with very little linguistic wisdom. in contrast to different textbooks at the topic, Beginning outdated English focuses at the rationalization and representation of ways the language works, utilizing obtainable illustrations from simplified outdated English texts and demonstrating what number characteristic of present-day English have their roots during this degree of the language. it is usually lengthy extracts from renowned outdated English works to be used within the lecture room.

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30 Beginning Old English aldor-mon, ealdor-man æêeling beorn ceorl cyning cwe ¯n dryhten ealdor eorl fre ¯a hla ¯ ford rinc êegn ê¯e oden nobleman, king’s representative prince man, warrior freeman, peasant (‘churl’) king queen lord lord nobleman, warrior lord lord warrior warrior, retainer lord Representing rank as a hierarchy, with royal family at the summit and retainers at the base, gives a visual sense of the Anglo-Saxon social order and encourages us to process the vocabulary used by the speakers themselves, a thousand years ago, to articulate their place in the community.

2) ∏a¯ co¯m se engel to¯ hire, and hı¯e gegrette mid Godes wordum, and cy¯dde hire People and Things 8 Annunciation Panel, Ruthwell Cross 45 46 Beginning Old English êæt Godes Sunu sceolde be¯ on a¯cenned of hire, bu¯ton weres gema¯nan. (3) And he¯ o êa¯ gely¯fde his wordum, and wearê mid cilde. ¯ den. (5) (4) ∏a¯ êa¯ hire tı¯ma co¯m, he¯ o a¯cende, and êurh-wunode mæ Se¯ o ha¯lige mo¯dor Maria êa¯ a¯fe¯ dde êæt cild, and hit we¯ ox swa¯-swa¯ ¯ton synne a¯num. o¯ êre cild do¯ ê, bu Recognising words Using the suggestions given in Chapter 2, and a little imagination, you might have recognised quite a few of the words in these five sentences.

I/we’ and ‘he/they’) and they have masculine, feminine and neuter forms (‘he/she/it’). The present-day English pronoun system is therefore not in principle different from the Old English system. But the noun system is. Nouns are those words, like ‘angel’ or ‘mother’ or ‘ship’, that name people and things. They generally have singular and plural forms, and they can be expanded into phrases by adding descriptive adjectives (‘good/bad angel’) and a set of other types of word, generally called determiners because they specify which noun we are talking about (‘a/the/this/that/any good angel’).

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