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Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World

Nicholas Ostler's Empires of the notice is the 1st heritage of the world's nice tongues, gloriously celebrating the beauty of phrases that binds groups jointly and makes attainable either the dwelling of a typical historical past and the telling of it. From the uncanny resilience of chinese language via twenty centuries of invasions to the enticing self-regard of Greek and to the struggles that gave start to the languages of contemporary Europe, those epic achievements and extra are brilliantly explored, as are the attention-grabbing mess ups of as soon as "universal" languages. A well suited, authoritative, and noteworthy paintings, it demonstrates how the language heritage of the realm eloquently unearths the true personality of our planet's different peoples and prepares us for a linguistic destiny filled with surprises.

Understanding Relative Clauses: A Usage-Based View on the Processing of Complex Constructions

The publication bargains a usage-based account of the way people understand advanced linguistic constructions. the writer proposes a concept of constructional entry, which treats syntactic styles as complicated and summary symptoms. during this view, syntactic processing is topic to the exact same dynamics as lexical processing and may yield a similar kind of frequency results.

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C) It’s chucking it up. d) It was raining yesterday. 4. Did you watch that DVD I lent you? a) We didn’t get started. b) About half of it. c) There was nothing to watch. d) Yes, any time. 5. Can Anna stay for dinner? a) Whatever she wants. b) She’s coming downstairs. c) If she wants. d) No, we’re having dinner. 6. My brother has just bought a new house. a) Really good. b) Really? c) What’s his name? d) That was great. 7. Everyone’s gone out. a) Oh. Do you know where? b) Oh. They’ve taken their time.

We are stayin on a new campsight for ten days. My bruther and sister will be comming, but my cousin can’t cos he is working. We’ll have to leeve erly to get the ferry – at about seven o’clok. There will be over one hunded and forty carvans there. I’m looking forard to goin in the swiming pool because I love divving. It shud be a reelly good holeday. com now! big activity book  English Banana 2004 38. com Test Your Spelling Skills Be the Spell-checker 2 – Shopping List Ever wanted to be a human spell-checker?

A) Oh. Do you know where? b) Oh. They’ve taken their time. c) It’s early. d) Why didn’t they tell her? 8. Can you lend me a pound for the bus home? a) In a few days. b) Sorry, I can’t come with you. c) Here it is. d) Here you are. 9. There’s something wrong with my car. a) I didn’t know. b) You should have known. c) How do you know? d) Did you know? 10. Did you leave the kitchen light on? a) Yes, it was Paul. b) Only by mistake. c) The light was left on. d) What a waste of money. com now! big activity book  English Banana 2004 49.

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