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By Professor Janet Shibley Hyde

Organic Substrates of Human Sexuality explores the various prior decade's explosion of analysis at the neuroscience and endocrinology of sexuality and provides the newest findings during this box. From reports of twins that try a genetic foundation for sexual orientation via shut examinations of the intertwined roles of the endocrine method and hypothalamus in sexuality, this quantity supplies a brilliant portrait of the cutting-edge in sexuality study.

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No difference was found in any morphometric parameter of oxytocin neurons in the PVN among the four groups studied. These data demonstrate sex differences in the size of the vasopressin neurons, and thus presumably in their function, that are age- and probably also side-dependent, and the absence of such changes in oxytocin neurons in the PVN (Ishunina & Swaab, 1999). The activation of vasopressin neurons in postmenopausal women is probably mediated by a decrease in the presence of estrogen receptor- (3 in these neurons and an increase in estrogen receptor a nuclear staining (Ishunina, Kruijver, Balesar, & Swaab, 2000).

2000) could not confirm the relationship between INAH-2 and reproductive status as suggested by the data of Allen et al. (1989b). , 2000). , 2000; MacLean &. Ploog, 1962). In addition, a sex difference in androgen receptor staining was present in the horizontal diagonal band of Broca, SDN-POA, mPOA, the dorsal and ventral zone of the periventricular nucleus (PVN), SON, ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, and the infundibular nucleus. , 2000). Nuclear androgen receptor activity in the mamillary complex of heterosexual men did not differ from that of homosexual men, but it was significantly stronger than in women.

THE ROLE OF HYPOTHALAMUS AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEM 25 Neurotransmitters and Genes Not only may sex hormones affect sexual differentiation of the brain, on the basis of animal experiments it is expected that all compounds that influence hormone or neurotransmitter metabolism in development may also affect sexual differentiation of the brain (Pilgrim & Reisert, 1992). For example, young adult male mice that were prenatally exposed to alcohol were found to have a decreased preference for female partners and an increased preference for males (Watabe & Endo, 1994).

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