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By Michael Lebowitz

Build It Now places ahead a transparent and leading edge imaginative and prescient of a socialist destiny, and while indicates how concrete steps will be taken to make that imaginative and prescient a truth. It indicates how the certainty of capitalism can itself develop into a political act—a safety of the genuine wishes of people opposed to the continuing enhance of capitalist profit.

Throughout the e-book, Lebowitz addresses the worries of individuals engaged in fight to create a greater global, yet acutely aware that this fight needs to be knowledgeable via the realities of the twenty-first century. Many chapters of the publication started lifestyles as addresses to employee enterprises in Venezuela, the place employee self-management is at the schedule. Written by way of an eminent educational, this can be way over a tutorial treatise. The publication brings an internationalist outlook and monstrous wisdom of worldwide traits to undergo on concrete efforts to rework modern society.

Build It Now is a testomony to the continued power of the Marxist culture, drawing on its deep assets of analytical perception and ethical ardour and fusing them into an important advisor to the struggles of our time.

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Our experience tells us that if you don’t know where you want to go, then no road will take you there. Our greatest failing is that we have lost sight of an alternative. And, because we have no grand conception of an alternative (indeed, we are told that we should have no grand conceptions), then the response to the neoliberal mantra of TINA, that There Is No Alternative, has been: Let’s preserve health care, let’s not attack education, and let’s try for a little more equality and a little more preservation of the environment.

What marked this as social democratic in essence was the consistent theme that workers could gain without capital losing—these positive-sum claims characterized the Fordist model. And what the case for endogenous (internally oriented) economic development has shared with the Fordist model is its stress upon the importance of domestic demand as the foundation for the development of nationally based industry. During the “golden age” between the end of the Second World War and the early 1970s, these theories, which challenged the neoclassical wisdom, enjoyed a period of grace.

It is a powerful concept. In my view, no one has ever communicated this idea better than the artist Wallace Shawn, an actor and playwright from the United States. In his play The Fever, Shawn’s protagonist at one point finds a copy of Capital and begins to read it at night. He thinks about the anger in this book, and then he goes back to the beginning, which he had initially found to be impenetrable. ” I wanted to understand that weird-sounding phrase, but I KNOWLDGE OF A BETTER WORLD could tell that, to understand it, your whole life would probably have to change.

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