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By Karl Marx

The "forgotten" moment quantity of Capital, Marx's world-shaking research of economics, politics, and historical past, includes the important dialogue of commodity, the cornerstone to Marx's theories.

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Under such a regime, the government predetermines the outcome that would otherwise be determined endogenously through market competition processes. A government-led economic management such as that defined above exhibits the following characteristics. The government macroeconomic management generally relies on direct regulation such as credit rationing over open-market operations for money supply control and on wage–price controls over aggregate demand management for antiinflationary policy. e. financial support) necessary for the chosen to win.

Third, persistent government intervention destroyed private sector incentives for creative economic ventures. State support of selected industries and firms, and government control of the financial sector, made the private sector dependent on governmental guidance and coordination. In addition, since the government helped the large enterprises, especially the chaebols, to survive financial difficulties by showering them with preferential measures, the ‘too big to fail’ legacy emerged and moral hazard ensued.

Some political leaders in East Asian countries have strongly supported the maintenance of Asian Values. Their argument is that the government and its officials have been capable of generating rapid economic growth and therefore that future prosperity should depend on the government. However, the political leaders seemed to make references to Confucian Asian Values mainly to justify their almost authoritarian political systems. But at the onset of the crisis in 1997, these same Asian Values were blamed for causing the crisis.

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