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The addition of FGF results in the cells los- ing their polygonal shape and becoming elongated and highly refractile. The culture loses its cobblestone appearance and takes on the appearance of a bird's nest as the cells grow in multiple layers (Fig. 3 ) . The addition of glucocorticoid potentiates the effect of FGF, and the final density reached is 4 to 5 times that observed with controls to which fresh serum is added. The 73 I Q) QJ c ; QJ to QJ Ü to to c: 03 03 Q) c: • H Q) 03 10 +J QJ q • H QJ - q 73 +J c; • H 03 73 Q) 4J Et* 73 03 03 M Q< q • H 0 ϋ 4J ι—I to to 1 ΜΗ ΜΗ 0 0 to 0 •M +J 03 fn 4J q QJ 3 0 1Ή ÎH q 0 •M QJ 03 to ÎH —>^ OJ ÎH 0 ci 0 ÎH • H 3i CD " H C!

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