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Haddow and Lester (1976); 3. Owen et aI. (1975); 4. Cilut and Tichy (1980;5. Kitani et al. (1977a); 6. Klaassen (1975b); 7. Klaassen (1975a); 8. Haddow et aI. (1972); 9. Cikrt (1978); 10. Norseth (1973b) Table 14. Substances affecting biliary excretion of Cd 2+ Element Substance Effect Reference Spironolactone 0- 0 0 0 Klaassen and Kotsonis (1977) Kitani et aI. (1977a) Klaassen (1979a) Klaassen and Kotsonis (1977) Klaassen and Kotsonis (1977) Kojima et al. (1976) Kojima et aI. (1976) Kojima et aI.

C. ) at 24-h intervals. v. injection of mercury was given. p. ) at 48-h intervals. v. c. ). v. injection of mercury was given M. Cikrt 24 •I 50 0 50 I 0 50 0 ", 50 I I • 0 50 • 0 Fig. 5. Chromatographic fractionation on Sephadex G-I00 of the bile collected in the first three hours after intravenous injection of different metals (middle part) and after intravenous administration of physiological saline (lower part of dia· gram). 5 nm. 4 ml/h. Upper part of diagram distribution of radioactivity of different metals studied between fraction 1 and 2 (black column).

We did not find any difference between UNI and UNI+SPL groups of animals in the total amount of Hg excreted from the body during the first 24 h after Hg administration, but we detected lower levels of 203 Hg in the kidney and brain in UNI+SPL group (Table 16). Therefore we believe that the combination of UNI+SPL could be a suitable method for the treatment of mercury poisoning under experimental conditions. In another experimental series we tested the action of polythiol resin. Polythiol resin proved to increase significantly the fecal excretion of mercury in methylmercurytreated animals, but did not change the distribution and excretion of mercury after phenylmercury injection (Cikrt et al.

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