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Perception is of the perceptible, which is perceived hy perception. At times the correlation, however, will not maninamely, when a mistake has been festly appear made and the correlate itself wrongly stated. If you call a wing wing of a bird, then will no correlation appear wing and bird are, I mean, not correlative. TTie wrong term was used at the outset in calling it mng of a bird. For the wing is the wing of a bird, when considered as winged, not as bird. Many other things, not birds, are vnnged.

But the case of a number is different. You never could show that its parts are possessed of their relative places or even so much Nor could you determine which parts as have places. are contiguous or adjacent to which. And the same may be said of time also. For no part of time is enduring. And how can what does not endure well be said to have any position? Of time it were better to say that the parts have a relative order, since one part is prior to another. And so, in like manner, of number, for numbers are prior in the counting, as one prior to two, two to three.

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