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By John A. Schlueter (auth.), Marc Fourmigué, Lahcène Ouahab (eds.)

For a number of years, the 2 parallel worlds of Molecular Conductors in a single hand and Molecular Magnetism within the different have grown facet through facet, the previous primarily in keeping with radical natural molecules, the latter primarily in keeping with the excessive spin homes of steel complexes. over the past few years notwithstanding, organometallic derivatives have began to play an more and more very important function in either worlds, and feature in lots of methods contributed to open numerous passages among those worlds. This quantity acknowledges this crucial rising evolution of either study parts. it's not meant to offer a entire view of all attainable organometallic fabrics, and polymers for instance weren't thought of the following. particularly we current a range of the latest learn subject matters the place organometallic derivatives have been proven to play a vital function within the environment of accomplishing and/or magnetic houses in crystalline fabrics. First, the function of organometallic anions in tet- thiafulvalenium-based molecular conductors is highlighted via Schlueter, whereas Kubo and Kato describe very fresh ortho-metalated chelating ligands appended to the TTF center and their engaging in salts. the mix of carrying out and magnetic houses and the hunt for p–d interactions are analyzed in comp- mentary contributions through Myazaki and Ouahab, whereas Valade specializes in the single category of steel bis(dithiolene) complexes to provide upward thrust to superconductive molecular fabrics, in organization with natural in addition to organometallic cations.

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Schlueter direction. 03 eV. 8 GPa of pressure [98] with metallic behavior to as low as 20 K under application of 2 GPa [98]. Magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate that [Au(ppy)(C8H4S8)]2[PF6] is a Mott insulator close to the metalinsulator boundary [102]. Related platinum complexes, (TBA)[Pt(ppy)(C8H4S8)] and (TEA)[Pt(ppy)(C10C6S8)], have also been reported [103]. 2) (L = C8H4S8 and C10-C6S8). The form of iodide in these complexes has been identified as a combination of I3À and I5À by Raman spectroscopy.

1 General Features of Molecular Conductors Since the discovery of the first organic semiconductor perylene-bromine complex in 1954 [1], a large number of molecular conductors, including more than 100 molecular superconductors, have been prepared. Conducting molecular materials are characterized by the following features; 1. Clear and simple electronic structure which can be well described by the tight-binding band picture based on the extended Hu¨ckel molecular orbital calculation [2] 2.

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