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By Julius A. (editor); Gordon, Maxwell (editor) Vida

content material: Virus-receptor interactions / Bernard N. Fields and Mark I. Greene --
layout of peptide superagonists and antagonists : conformational and dynamic issues / Victor J. Hruby --
Localization and synthesis of protein antigenic websites : use of loose man made peptides for the guidance of antibodies and T-cells of preselected specificities / M. Zouhair Atassi --
stories on new microbial secondary metabolites with strength usefulness : antibiotics, enzyme inhibitors, and immunomodifiers / Hamao Umezawa --
Conformation of nucleic acids and their interactions with medicinal drugs / Andrew H.-J. Wang --
Substrate analog inhibitors of hugely particular proteases / James Burton --
Structure-behavioral job relationships of peptides derived from ACTH : a few stereochemical concerns / J.W. Van Nispen and H.M. Greven --
layout of novel cyclic hexapeptide somatostatin analogs from a version of the bioactive conformation / Roger M. Freidinger and Daniel F. Veber --
layout of kinase inhibitors : conformational and mechanistic concerns / George L. Kenyon and Rebecca E. Reddick --
layout and discovery of aspartyl protease inhibitors : mechanistic and scientific implications / Daniel H. wealthy, Francesco G. Salituro, Mark W. Holladay, and Paul G. Schmidt --
layout of peptide analogs : theoretical simulation of conformation, energetics, and dynamics / R.S. Struthers, A.T. Hagler, and J. Rivier.

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In alTJumin, the status of exposure of i t s antigenic sites i s not known. Unfortunately, the three-dimensional structure of a serum albumin has not yet been determined. Therefore, i t i s not possible to correlate the locations of the antigenic sites with the shape of the protein molecule. Three of the antigenic sites (sites 1 to 3 in Figure 7) occupy continuous portions of the polypeptide chain of albumin and are, therefore, "continuous" antigenic sites. The other three antigenic sites (sites 4 to 6) are each localized around a disulfide bond and belong to the type termed "discontinuous" antigenic s i t e s .

Furthermore, other c e l l u l a r factors, external to the molecule, regulate the immune response. The immune responses to Mb are controlled by genes in the I-region of the major histocompatibility complex (46). More importantly, the responses to the synthetic antigenic sites are each under separate genetic control (47,50). Our observation that small synthetic peptides are antigenic in their free form has not been confined to Mb peptides. Synthetic peptides of other proteins have also been found to be antigenic in their free form.

II. Antibodies Bound (CPM)a Antl-Peptide 1-6 Antisera*- Antl-Peptlde 1Z1-1Z7 Antisera^ TT 0 0 0 0 0 26,050 * 2,281 0 17,082 3,282 33,058 * 2,983 29,608 1,542 Serum antibodies obtained by Immunization with free synthetic peptides representing surface regions that are non-immunogenic 1n whole Mb Peptides were conjugated to BSA before use 1n RIA. Table i s from Schmitz et a l . (43), by permission. c Serum antibodies were obtained by Immunizations with free peptide emulsified i n complete Freunds' adjuvant.

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