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By J. Geiss (auth.), Dr. Gerhard Klare (eds.)

The annual assembly of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Cologne, June 1988, featured huge studies of the chemical procedures correct to astrophysics. The twelve contributions to this e-book, written by way of specialists from the USA, united kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, deal extensive with the chemistry of comets and meteorites, of stars and their shells, of the interstellar medium and galaxies. A accomplished evaluate of nucleosynthesis and reviews on observations around off an updated presentation of cosmic chemistry.

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38 In summary it appears that much of the propert i es of carbonaceou s chondrites may be explained by condensation of a cooling gas of solar composition, just as envisioned in the older models [21], except that condensation occurred at significantly more oxidizing conditions than those imposed by a solar H/O-ratio. Early loss of H or enhancement of the dust/gas ratio are possible reasons. 6. Oxygen Isotopic Composition Meteorites show a wide range in the isotopic composition of ox~en. The variations preclude a single source for the material of all chondritic meteorites and they are therefore very useful for classification purposes [27].

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T. Dodd: Meteorites (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1981) 51 Chemical Abundances in Stars T. Gehren Institut fUr Astronomie und Astrophysik der Universitat Moochen, Schreinerstr. 1, D-8000 Munchen, Fed. Rep. of Germany I. Introduction The precise determination of chemical abundances in stars is the key to a number of important disciplines in modern astrophysics including stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis as well as the chemical and dynamical evolution of the Galaxy. The basic transport mechanisms in stellar atmospheres rule the observational aspects of stellar surfaces which are manifest in stellar spectra.

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