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In this reference, the writer completely stories the present country of condensed phosphate chemistry. a distinct function of this quantity is an exam of the hot advancements in X-ray structural innovations, reporting on primary effects received via their use. better by way of complete tables reporting crystal information, chapters determine and represent greater than 2,000 compounds. extra good points contain a concise survey of the historic improvement of condensed phosphate chemistry; the shortly permitted category method; a overview of every relations of condensed phosphates and lots more and plenty more.

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The rubidium salt was also reported by these authors. 194 (vii) Iron Salts Fe(NH 4 hP207"2H 20 and Fe(NH 4)6(P20 7h·6H 20. These two diphosphates were described by Frazier et al. 83 Both are prepared by adding FeS0 4 to ammonium diphosphate aqueous solutions. The first one is isotypic with the corresponding Mn, Zn, and Cu salts, and the second with the Zn and Mg derivatives. (viii) Cobalt Salts CoNa 2 P 20 7, CoK 2 P20 7 and CoK 2 P207"4H 20. Syntheses, main properties and reactivities of the two potassium salts were reported by Kokhanovskii and Prodan.

G. 79 CasKz{Pz07lJ·6HzO CaKzH4(P201h aRefs. 64. 134. 8. G. z Reference Cmcm lmma ? 978( 1) C2,Cm orC2/m C ... 185(1) C. 922(2) "HT: High-temperature form. Mg(NH 4hP 20 7-4H 20. Two crystalline forms of this salt were obtained by Frazier et al. 183 by adding MgO to aqueous solutions of ammonium diphosphate under various conditions. Both forms are not water-soluble. Mg(NH 4)s(P 20 7h·6H 20 and Mg(NH 4 bH 4(P 20 7h-2H 20. The same authors also described these two insoluble diphosphates. The first one is isotypic with the corresponding Mn, and Fe(II) derivatives whereas the second is isotypic with the zinc compound.

NaCrP20 7 and NaGaP20 7 . Crystal structure of NaCrP20 7 was determined by Bohathy et a/. 246 The unit-cell parameters for three isotypic diphosphates, NaAlP20 7, NaGaPz0 7, and NaFeP20 7 are also reported by the authors. NaCrP20 7 and NaGaP20 7 were also investigated by Gabelica-Robert. 247 Na Fe P20 7. Gamondes et al. 244 described the chemical preparation and measured unit -cell dimensions for the two forms of this salt. 248 and later reexamined by Moya-Pizarro et a/? 49 These authors report a detailed magnetic and Mossbauer resonance study for this salt.

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