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Political Culture and Institutional Development in Costa Rica and Nicaragua: World Making in the Tropics

Makes an attempt to build resilient democracies were as pervasive as reversals were merciless in Latin the USA. in line with a wealth of unique historic records and modern interviews, this quantity analyzes 5 centuries of political heritage via paradigmatic examples of exceptional democratic good fortune and abysmal failure.

Maidens, Meal and Money

For over 20 years, Claude Meillassoux has been fascinated about the research of the several modes of construction which existed in Africa sooner than colonisation, and the ways that they answered to colonisation. during this ebook Professor Meillassoux attracts either on his wide fieldwork in Africa and at the anthropological literature to supply a close theoretical research of the self-sustaining agricultural neighborhood and its articulation with capitalism during the strategy of colonisation.

The Politics of Difference: Ethnic Premises in a World of Power

In line with such a lot social scientists, the appearance of a world media village and the increase of liberal democratic govt may minimize ethnic and nationwide id as a resource of political motion. but the modern international is in the middle of an explosion of id politics and infrequently violent ethnonationalism.

Ethnic and Cultural Dimensions of Knowledge

This publication provides theoretical and methodical discussions on neighborhood wisdom and indigenous wisdom. It examines academic attainment of ethnic minorities, race and politics in academic structures, and the matter of wasting indigenous wisdom. It contains a large variety of case stories approximately specifics of neighborhood wisdom from numerous areas of the area, reflecting the interdependence of norms, culture, ethnic and cultural identities, and data.

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