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By Adam Przeworski

What do we know about democracy from the event of post-Soviet Russia? What do we know about the customers for democracy in Russia from the adventure of "really current democracies?" needs to a few "pre-requisites," cultural or fabric, be fulfilled for democracy to turn into attainable? This booklet examines the present kingdom and the clients for democracy in Russia, posing a number of demanding situations to our knowing of democracy. 13 members extend the talk over those questions, delivering quite a few insights, interpretations, and conclusions very important to figuring out the stipulations of emergence and survival of profitable democracies

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Anticipating the criticism of the concept of sovereign democracy as a call for separation of Russia from the West, Surkov (2007, 46) further notes that Russia does not at all need sovereignty to insulate itself from the world and turn Russia into a fortress. He says that “sovereignty is openness, it is a door to the world, it is also participation in an open struggle. ” However, as he underlines, the most important thing about the existence of truly sovereign states is not to allow dictatorship in international relations.

To overcome the growing alienation of society, which was already evident under President Medvedev, a series of steps were implemented to involve in the political process the parties that had not entered Parliament. First, on the regional level, the parties that had not been able to enter into the regional parliaments were given the option to have one or two deputies with the rights of forming factions to propose ideas and solutions to various problems. There are proposals to bring down the threshold for entering the state Duma and the giving of similar opportunities to the parties that cannot win enough votes to enter into the national elections.

Thus, from Surkov’s discourse and from the independent analysts’ statements, it definitely follows that the creation of the concept of “sovereign democracy” in the Russian political space is not related to any anti-Western sentiment or to the Orange revolution. From the very beginning, the concept of “sovereign democracy” gave rise to controversy among politicians and analysts. Some totally rejected it, while others interpreted its notion and contents in a distorted way. Let us try to find out why this concept provoked such varied responses both in Russia and abroad.

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