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By Demosthenes, J. H. Vince

Demosthenes (384–322 BCE), orator at Athens, was once a pleader in legislations courts who later turned additionally a statesman, champion of the prior greatness of his urban and the current resistance of Greece to the increase of Philip of Macedon to supremacy. We own by means of him political speeches and law-court speeches composed for events in inner most situations and political situations. His early acceptance because the better of Greek orators rests on his steadfastness of function, his sincerity, his transparent and stinky argument, and his critical keep an eye on of language. In his legislation circumstances he's the recommend, in his political speeches a castigator no longer of his competitors yet in their politics. Demosthenes provides us vibrant photographs of private and non-private lifetime of his time. The Loeb Classical Library version of Demosthenes is in seven volumes.

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Read or Download Demosthenes: Against Meidias. Against Androtion. Against Aristocrates. Against Timocrates. Against Aristogeiton 1 and 2 (21-26). (Loeb Classical Library No. 299) PDF

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Ovrco roivvv dXXais ncrlv rjpLepais rjSiKrjae /cat n AGAINST MEIDIAS, 30-33 party urges upon you in each case. On the contrary, laws were laid down by you before the particular offences were committed, when the future wrongdoer and his victim were equally unknown. What is the effect of these laws ? They ensure for every citizen the opportunity of obtaining redress if he is wronged. Therefore when you punish a man who breaks the laws, you are not delivering him over to his accusers ; you are strengthening the arm of the law in your own But surely when he says, " Demosthenes was insulted," he is met by an argument that is just and impartial and in the interests of all.

But if I, waiving the profit which a private suit would bring, entrust his punishment to the State, and if I have chosen this particular form of action from which I can receive no benefit myself, then surely it ought to win me your favour and not prejudice my case. Now I know that he will also make great use of this 29 argument " Do not deliver me into Demosthenes' hands do not ruin me to oblige Demosthenes. Because I am at war with him, will you ruin me } " That is the sort of language that he will, I am sure, use again and again, with the object of exciting prejudice against me.

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