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Paterson, A high-pressure, high-temperature apparatus for studies of seismic wave dispersion and attenuation, Pure appl. , 1993, (submitted). [1I] J. E. , Elastic stiffness coefficients of single-crystal iron from room temperature to 500"C, J. appl. Phys. 39, pp. 39863988 (1968). V. A. M. Sharshakov, Temperature dependence of the damping capacity of grey iron, Phys. Met. Metallogr. 23, pp. 162-165 (1967). S. S. Berry, "Anelastic relaxation in crystalline solids", Academic Press, New York, 1972, 677 pp.

The transition pressure is found to decrease rapidly with increasing temperature, so that there is indeed a temperature-induced transition to bec at high pressure. Thermodynamically, the bcc structure is favored at high temperature due the relatively high entropy associated with its soft TI [110] phonon modes. The detailed nature of the hcp -_ bcc phase transition has also been studied with a variable-cell MD technique [9]. The transition is martensitic and proceeds by the classic Burgers mechanism [10] in which (001) planes of the planes of the bcc structure.

The constant AEb (binding energy) gives the same energy zero for all three phases. Expressions for the pressure and internal energy follow from standard thermodynamic relations. The zero-Kelvin curves were represented by the Birch-Murnaghan formula, smoothly joined to a high-pressure extrapolation formula [4] above ~100 GPa. Parameters for the a and (_phases were 28 determined from static compression data and are well defined. Parameters for the ),-phase are less c_rtain but were constrained by thermophysical includes all corrections to the first two terms, and N is Avogadro's number.

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